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Phone: 12034535031
Location: CT USA

Description: Large Displacement A SOHC and long intake stroke design increases torque output for better acceleration. Performance with smooth, quiet overall operation! Electronic Fuel Injection EFI Provides turn-key reliable starting, instant throttle response, spectacular fuel economy and lower fuel system maintenance. More dependable, more efficient, more power and lower cost of operation! High Output Alternator 18 Amps provides superior battery charging capability. Dependability! Easy Shift Operation New Presision Engineered Shift System delivers smooth shifting for an improved driving experience. Comfort and reliability! Take it Slow Smart Craft’s TROLL CONTROL feature allows you to set your rpm as low as 700 for trolling. Comfort! SmartCraft Delivers information regarding 23 key engine functions from fuel usage, rpm & engine guardian to slow trolling rpm control and even hull information. Power Trim/Tilt Allows user to trim the unit for maximum performance / handling & shallow water operation. Freshwater Flushing Port Rear Mounted - Flushes saltwater and debris out of the engine extending the life of the outboard. Easy Maintenance Convenient oil drain and fill location, along with an automotive style spin-on filter. Why Choose FourStroke Over TwoStroke? FourStrokes cost less to maintain thanks to the proven EFI system, longer spark life and none of the gumming, decarbonization or ring-and-cylinder issues of carbureted two-strokes. Why Choose FourStroke Over TwoStroke? FourStroke Performance-experience better fuel efficiency (up to 39% at cruise), 30% quieter and a smoother ride, without sacrificing power or performance.

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