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About Guilford Boat Yards:

Guilford Boat Yards is located on the West River at Route 146, 230 Water St. Guilford. North of the railroad bridge and well protected from the west by the knoll, Guilford Boat Yards is a friendly place to keep your boat with beautiful views of the salt marsh and the West River. The Yard is an easy and level half-mile walk from downtown Guilford and the historic Guilford Green.


Our History:

Shipyards and wooden-boat building have been an activity on the knoll starting about 1733. Shipbuilding activity continued through the late 1950s, and now we sell new and used boats, motors, and trailers, haul and store boats, and do repair work on all types of smaller boats (under 35 feet). Guilford Boat Yards has been in the Duhaime family for 40 years.

When you think of what the boat business must have been like 250 years ago, you think of a family business with members of the family using their particular specialties to fill different positions. You think of the time when your reputation was your most important asset, and your primary concern was customerís satisfaction. You had to live among your customers taking pride in the results of your hard work. This type of attitude is alive and well at Guilford Boat Yards.

The Duhaime family still cares about their customers and takes pride in doing things right. Youíll find everyone working together in the Yard with Anne keeping it running from the inside. This is just how it must have been in the early 1700s when schooners were first being built in the same yard. If you worked in a situation like this, would you send out a customer who was unhappy? No, and neither will Guilford Boat Yards.

The next time you are tempted by a glitzy new showroom and fast talking salespeople (who have been continually in the same business since Wednesday), with their ever-changing corporate owner so that the people who worked on your boat never know whom they are working for, stop and think. If you worked in a situation like that, would you care whether or not you sent a customer out who was unhappy? No, and they have no reason to care either.

Escape this non-caring attitude which is so prevailent today in modern marine businesses. Take comfort in the warmth of the pot belly stove at Guilford Boat Yards. You'll start your own family tradition, and join long line of sea captains who trusted their vessels to the little boat yard in the West River. You, your children, and grandchildren will keep on getting confident, friendly, top quality service from the Duhaime family at Guilford Boat Yards.