1. Winter storage is due as follows: $150.00 Deposit with storage order; Half balance due upon haul out; Second half storage due December 31 .
All other charges due as billed.
Terms: Net 28 days. Finance charge of 1.5% per month (Annual Percentage Rate 18%) charged on past due accounts together with all costs of collection including reasonable Attorney's fees. Minimum Finance Charge $.50.

2. Guilford Boat Yards, Inc. reserves the right to require payment in full of Winter storage fee before boat is hauled.


4. Any boat not launched by June 30th will be charged summer storage and the person authorizing hauling of the boat will be responsible for this charge. (See rate sheet).

5. Outside contractors, surveyors, brokers, etc. must register with the office for permission to enter the yard for any reason and a Certificate of Liability and Worker Comp. Insurance must be provided..

6. Unless prior arrangements are made with the yard, Guilford Boat Yards, Inc. is the exclusive broker for boats stored or moored at our facilities. Owners of boats sold where the yard does not act as broker shall be charged for any services rendered by the yard in selling the boat.

7. No signs allowed on boats in storage without prior authorization.

8. There will be no burning of anything or open flames of any kind allowed in the yard.

9. Boat owners are required to carry adequate insurance during storage. Please provide a Certificate of Insurance for our records. Guilford Boat Yards, Inc. is not liable for loss by fire, theft, storm damage, vandalism, deterioration or any other causes beyond our control. Owner recognizes what the Boat Yard security system is and accepts it as sufficient and acceptable.

10. Guilford Boat Yards, Inc. is not responsible for freeze damage of any boat after first freezing weather or November 1st, which ever comes first. Guilford Boat Yards, Inc. is not responsible for damage by freezing of engine blocks on motors that do not drain properly.

11. The boat owner is responsible for boat leaking after launch. There will be an additional charge for labor and services to keep the boat afloat. In the event leaking is severe and boat must be hauled, a hauling charge will be assessed accordingly.

12. Each boat MUST have dock lines and fenders available to be launched. When none are available the Boat Yard will supply lines and fenders to boats and the owner will be charged for their use. Upon launch, boat is to be removed from docks within one week or will be subject to docking charges. Any paint not picked up will be disposed.

13. Boat owners must keep the area around their boat clean or the yard will do so at the owner's expense. Containers are provided for rubbish. Please pick up around your boat and remove any items before your boat is launched.

14. We require the use of vacuum sanders for all sanding and 100% collection of any bottom paint scraping and sanding residue which must be placed in a special container. Vacuum sanders are available for rent. Power washing of any kind is not allowed and washing boat bottoms is NOT allowed.

15. Boat owners are not allowed to jack up or reblock boats while in storage. NO covers may be tied to jackstands or poppits. Guilford Boat Yards reserves the right to reset such lines for safety reasons.

16. As a courtesy to the Boat Yard, boat owners are invited to purchase supplies at the Boat Yard Store. Our Spring Marine Discount Catalog is available in February.

17. Driveway Speed 5 MPH MAXIMUM.